Holidays are about relaxing your body and soul. Regenerate your soul with a session of Yoga practices in the lap of natural beauty.

Swimming Pool

Just looking at the pool makes you feel cold, but at Suryavilas this is the perfect place to bask in the Sun during the day time and to enjoy a drink in the evening. Enjoy the beauty of the distant mountains in the day and look at the shimmering lights of Kasauli at night. You might even have the pleasure of hearing a local singing a song accompanied by the beating sound of a "Dafli".

You certainly cannot use the pool once the weather gets cold, but it is a favourite place to bask in the sun. Relax on the poolside beds and chairs, read a book, eat your lunch in peace or simply take a nap while you soak in the sunlight.

Pool, Table Tennis

A perfect way to spend your day, a game of pool, a group of friends and a load of laughter. Double the fun of your holidays with a match of Pool or Table Tennis with your friends, laze in the sun with a book or simply eat a bag of Popcorn while watching a movie in our in-house Theatre.

Please do pre-book your game timings at the Reception


Holidays are no reason to give up your fitness regime, specially, if the Gym comes with the view of beautiful mountains and lush green slopes.