Swiss Tents - INR 14,000/- + 28% Tax, per night


Swiss Tents (Luxury Himalayan Glamping): - 20 Nos.

Luxury Swiss tents 410 sq ft (Himalayan Glamping at Suryavilas) offers Ready made double bed with all bed linen provided (including duvet, blankets, towels and hand towels), Tiled Floors , Nifty kettle attached for easy hot water for tea and coffee, Moroccan lanterns and sufficient lights to create a magical ambience at night time, Windows and roll up sides for breezy days, television, mini bar, air conditioning/heating, hair dryer, shower amenities, hot showers and proper flushing attached toilets, outdoor seating area, direct dialing telephones, safe parking area,

Luxury redefined - A Tented accommodation with the luxuries of a resort living. This is what the new Glamping unit is all about. Come experience a totally different kind of luxury. These Glamping tents are a far cry from the do-it-yourself tent in a bag. They offer amenities like comfortable beds and ensuite bathroom facilities. When you are Glamping, there is no tent to pitch. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the unique experience provided by these luxury Glamping tents.

Be it a corporate training program or a team building exercise, it can be fun to stay in these ultra comfortable Swiss Tents. Enjoy the luxuries of the resort and the fun of an outdoor experience bundled in one.